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DeployMe is your one stop shop in getting your website/app updated exactly how you envisioned it. Keep on building let us take care of your Deployment.
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On Demand IT Support

With our remote office support and emergency support services,  your website will be fully safeguarded against any sort of malfunction
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360° Deployment Support

Our dedicated team provides you with the full specifications of your deployment. From the code that was fixed, security enhancements that were made, to the performance analytics we ran—we keep you fully informed in all aspects of your website or mobile application deployment
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Helping Companies Update their Website and Application

DeployMe takes the burden and headache of testing and configuring the new changes to your website or mobile application. Our team take the new code you had created and run integral diagnostics and testing to guarantee once implemented there are no issues to your website or mobile application.

Our experience has taught us that new changes to a website or application leads to frustration on both users and developers. We allow your technology team to stay focused on the future of your business and your clients to enjoy your service without any issues.

Our Services

Our Dedicated Team runs Quality enhancements and checks to ensure there are no issues with the update to your website or application

A full line by line check to Debug or Enhance the new code that was created

Diagnostics and tests ran to ensure there will not be any connectivity, load time, lag or user related deficiencies

We run security checks to ensure the new changes that were implemented won’t allow for any hackers, malware or phishing issues

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