Project Overview


DeployMe dedicated team built a money transfer application offering clients to do fast transactions, build a secure network, enjoy a user-friendly interface and decent turnaround time:

  • Users can transfer money to other registered users on the Clove app
  • Users can use a digital wallet to keep funds
  • Users can pay utility bills
  • Users can pay and transfer money via scanning the QR code
  • Users can track their transactions

Client’s Feedback

DeployMe has a team of specialists who have done a brilliant job building an innovative and reliable money transfer application for us which is fast, simple and secure. The IOS & Android compatible app is so versatile in its scope and promises reliable service. This has been the smoothest business experience we ever had, Thankyou DeployMe team for making the system user-friendly.


IOS, Android


Ionic, Angular, Web API, MSSQL, Html, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery


1 Project manager
3 Designer
2 QA


2 Months