Project Overview

We designed and developed a browser-based platform and easy to use phone app making stashing, swapping, and selling yarn easy. A user can perform following functionalities:

  • Create a profile, log in using Facebook to set up an account, or create an account directly in the app or on the web, the signup form uses user’s city and location information to make local swaps and sales easier
  • Create a listing where a user can upload photos and insert all information about the yarn
  • Search for the stash where user can use the search terms and cater them to their specifications by looking for specific color families, yarn weights, fiber content and price
  • Reach out to other members and setup deals to swap or sell, send a message to other members about the offerings

Client’s Feedback

DeployMe highly skilled team developed a platform exactly the way we wanted, helping a user in a better way to sell their knitting supplies. Now people can explore stashes from other knitters in their area or worldwide, search for the perfect sock yarn, or locate a yarn they have been trying to find to complete your project. We are really happy and satisfied with the dedicated DeployMe team as they took care of our concerns from every aspect.




React, RubyonRails, JS, postgresql, Html, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery


1 Project manager
2 Developers
1 Designer
1 QA Engineer


4 Months