Project Overview


After the amazing success of React Native apps all around the world, K-Street asked us to develop their admin dashboard, website, and mobile app for both IOS and Android platforms. We provided them with website ideas that would work and built them a highly advanced mobile app with great utility and experience for the user. Our product turned out to be exactly what SecureMe envisioned from the services and outcome they were seeking. A few key features we included for SecureMe included:

  • Immediate push notifications to alert for a potentially hazardous situation
  • Encrypt and secured admin dashboard
  • Real-time edits on the mobile app itself
  • Users can access event details, venue information, emergency contact information, K Street officer information, and important local information
  • SecureMe allows our customers to be in constant contact with the K Street Security team and call on us when needed

We look forward to launching their RFID (radio frequency identification) SecureMe Band, which will be used at all their corporate events, expos, and tours. We will also be their go-to for app and feature enhancements among their different products and business ventures.

Client’s Feedback

From start to finish, the DeployMe team has been highly professional in delivering real-time results. During the initial meeting at our office, they gathered our idea of an exceptional mobile application and built one surpassing our expectations. We received extremely positive feedback from all our clients including Merck. The mayor of Baltimore, Maryland tested our app at an expo to understand how it could be used to make tours and events become more secure. He was impressed in how technology can be utilized to make public spaces and events more secure. Our company is dedicated to security- we help our clients with displaying evacuation plans, surrounding area stats and locations, and instant emergency notifications. This app facilitates us in marketing our security service needs effectively.


IOS, Android


React Native, npm, webpack, FCM, Android SDK, Node.js, AWS


1 Project manager
3 Developers
1 Designer
1 QA Engineer


6 Months


K Street Group LLC